Prologue to my Fantasy LGBTQ Romance Novel

Where you don’t have to worry about the ‘kill your gays’ trope because, oops, they are already (mostly) dead. Also, if you too are gay and angry, feel free to comment the lgbtq+ show cancellation or character death that made you angriest. Mine is spoiler-y, but hint hint it was a victim of Netflix (not that that really narrows it down).

The very existence of the other woman threatens everything each has worked for. Elian is, arguably, still alive, and she likes it that way. So what if her body now feels more like a mascot costume that’s constantly buffering? She’s worked too hard to let a little fatal accident and a glorified paper pusher of the afterlife wreck everything now.

Dell’s desk job is perfect for delegating all her work to the two rotting frat boys she’s been stuck with. At least it was until the two said idiots lost the most anticipated (and apparently fastest) dead girl of the year. Now the board’s looming down her neck and the should-be-dead girl is refusing to die already. Worst of all, Dell might actually have something in common with the frat bros, because she can’t seem to stop letting Elian go.

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